Governing Council

Delonix Society’s Baramati College of Pharmacy

Governing Council/Body

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact Number
1. Mrs. Sangita Pravin Bandal Chairman 9623159424
2. Mrs. Yashoda Kashinath Deokate Member (Society) 9822482494
3. Mrs. Kavita Yuvraj Yadav Member (Society) 9422207333
4. Nominee PCI Member (PCI)  
5. Nominee AICTE Member (AICTE)  
6. Nominee DTE Member (DTE)  
7. Nominee DBATU Member (DBATU)  
8. Nominee MSBTE Member (MSBTE)  
9. Dr. Praveen. D. Chaudhari Member (Academics) 9011070913
10. Dr. Pankaj Padmakar Nerkar Member (Academics) 9420151343
11. Dr. Sanjay Toshniwal Member (Industrialist) 9158845722
12. Mr. Kamalakar S. Tekawade Member (Industrialist) 9561095710
13. Dr. Rajendra Nivrutti Patil Member Secretary 9730080522
Delonix Society’s Baramati College of Pharmacy

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